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May 30, 2007



me gusta mucho~!
great post...i think stronger and happier are good terms, but i'm going to add chi to this set too. if marketers could focus more on a good balance of messaging & various other communications, then i think people/potential customers will be more willing to enter into this relationship long term, almost like the messaging (in good balance) helps them/guides them/encourages their chi.
now, if only we could get these people to realize that advertising is GOOD for them and have them talk about it like they do: what's for dinner? how was your day? did you see that ad? let's go hiking.
i think good advertising makes you think and encourages the harmony you wrote about. cool.


i spelled (and have been spelling) chi wrong. it's Qi. spread the word.

Andrea Morris

Hi Scott,

Excellent post - as a marketer who recently feng shuied (i'll just make it a verb - why not?) her home I can certainly identify with your correlation.

I think a key piece is simplicity, clearing clutter and keeping focus. This theme holds true for both marketing and feng shui.

To your success,

Andrea Morris
Write Ideas Marketing

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