March 07, 2008



Did you write this after smoking weed?

Rick Sloboda

With the feverishly advancing technology and global economy, rich nations such as the U.S. and Canada better prepare for fierce competition from developing regions like China and India. The industrial age, where equipment was vast and expensive, is long gone.

Today, a cheap laptop can take a good idea a long way and literally crush long-established titans. Who heard of Microsoft and Google just a few years ago? It’s the age of the underdog.

Fritz Gonsalves

Simply brilliant, i love it. Not so long ago Craig Davis (JWT worldwide CCO)had flown down to India and had shared this thought with us.
"As advertisers we have the power to create ideas that could bring people close, eradicate poverty, improve living conditions etc, basically change people's life"

jappreet kitty

We do live in the world of abundance, we are spoilt for choice, interestingly, some manufacturers feel that to beat the competition, they need to offer even more choice, the truth being that the differentiator is in the "design". Design today does truly transcend physical lines which divide nations, the world now is becoming seamless and design is leading the way.

I feel the time is right for talent to shine, no matter what part of the world it emerges from. We are all exposed to the reality through the www and have now unleashed the desire to be part of it. Also, the consumer although younger, has grown, is looking for the "interesting" the 'unique", they are looking for a voice that will vibe with them.

Also, today who are the role models? Who binds the world the way a Gandhi did or a Nelson Mandela? It may sound strange, but I strongly feel, design can do that, and by design I don’t mean good looking products but planned, strategic communication. Do search for "lead India campaign" by times of India. See how when a part of the world transforms, the entire world changes.

Michael Cohn

As metaphors for positive change go, Cherry Garcia ice cream is about as abstract as you can get.

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